This list is by no means complete but is intended just to be used as a guideline as to what to bring.

Personal Medication

If you have the space you could bring your personal riding gear to ensure your comfort:

– Helmet

– Long Sleeved riding shirts

– Pants

– Gloves

– Boots

– Body armor such as knee and elbow protection and a chest protector. However we do supply this gear for those who do not have the space to carry it.

– A small 30-40l day pack is really best for most of our bike trips through Laos.

– A waterproof cover helps to protect from dust and rain, also some plastic bags are great to put your clothes in.

– We can provide you with Dry bags if you like, but you can also buy these in Luang Prabang or Vientiane before your trip.

– Bring just enough kit for the riding days, 2 sets of clothes for riding and 2 sets for afternoon, evening or leisure time.


If we have 2 nights in one place, you will be able to use the laundry service.

Most riders bring a Camel Pack or similar to stay hydrated and also some electrolyte powders.

– Personal Toiletries

– Torch/ Head lamp (even for 1 day tours)

– Walking shoes / slops (even for 1 day tours)

– Swimming Trunks