After receiving a flurry of requests over the past year, we have confirmed routes and are open for join-in tours for motorcycle adventures!

What is a join in tour?

A join-in tour is similar to a scheduled flight, in that it will occur at a certain time on a certain day. We will depart from our base and arrive at the end point of the tour on a give date. You are able to reserve your spot on the scheduled tour, and you will join in together with like-minded riders. This tour is great for arriving to Laos for your first time, as you will have travel companions to explore the country with. The more people who will join, the better it will be — and you will also save a bit of money.

We depart from our home base in Luang Prabang. Hop on the tour, explore Laos, and make friends with motorbike enthusiasts.

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Join in tours